General Dental Council

37 Wimpole Street
Tel: 0845 222 4141 (UK local rate)

British Dental Association

Some interesting and informative topics for the general public about dentistry in the UK and related issues

British Dental Health Foundation

Leading UK-based independent charity working to bring about improved standards of oral health care

Cosmetic dentistry guide

An informational site for patients to learn about cosmetic dental procedures

Information about teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, dental products and more

British Orthodontic Society

British charity which aims to promote the study and practice of orthodontics

All about dental care

Everything you need to know about dental care


Online information about orthodontic appliances

Kids World

Colgate-Palmolive dental website for children

Dental Wisdom

An interesting, informative and innovative site for patients

Peterhead Baptist Church

The official website of Peterhead Baptist Church

Balmoor Villas

Luxury 6-bedroom and 4-bedroom Florida villas for rent.
Only 3 miles from Walt Disney World!
The perfect location for the perfect holiday in Kissimmee!
Balmoor Villa
Queen Street Dental Centre
Northfield Dental Centre
Ythan Bridge Dental Centre
Bishopmill Dental Centre
95 Queen Street
AB42 1UA
7b Byron Square
AB16 7LL
2 Ythan Terrace
AB41 9LJ
93 Lossiemouth Road
IV30 4LJ
phone: 01779 473222
fax: 01779 473088

phone: 01224 699900
fax: 01224 699530

phone: 01343 549490
fax: 01343 554331

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