Our dental centres are absolutely "committed to care" (our group motto) for all our patients. We consider that one important part of this commitment involves giving you the dignity and freedom to choose the level of care that you would wish to receive from our practice group.

Dentistry is no different from any other service provision; in that there is a direct correlation between the quality of treatment we can offer and the resources made available to do so. Or to put it more simply, "one gets what one pays for!" To this extent, there is a very real difference between the three treatment options that are available within all four practices of the BDS group. The fees charged within each option dictate both the amount of time that can be spent on each procedure and the standard of laboratory work and materials that can be provided.

Regardless of your choice of option however; our unwavering commitment is that our practice group will always provide your dental care to the best of our ability (within the obvious constraints of the option which you select). We want you, as a valued patient and customer, to help us continue to build our reputation as a group of dental practices which are absolutely committed to the care of all our patients.

OPTION 1 - National Health Service

This is the standard of care that is offered universally to all of our new patients, regardless of their exemption status. This is the cheapest option for those who pay for their dental treatment. Children and other patients on various benefits (e.g. are in receipt of Income Support, Income-Related ESA, Income-Based JSA, Pension Credit (guaranteed), Tax Credits (with exemption card), Maternity or HC2 exemption certificate) do not pay for their dental treatment on this level. Many advanced treatments are also unavailable under this option.

OPTION 2 - Grampian Dental Care

This option offers a VERY GOOD LEVEL of care. The higher fees charged allow the dentist to spend more time with each patient; ensuring a higher quality and standard of the work to be carried out.

Good quality materials are used and any laboratory related work (i.e. crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.) is also constructed to a superior standard. The costs are roughly 2-3 times that of NHS fees depending on the treatment provided. If you are interested in receiving this level of care please discuss your options with your dentist as Grampian Dental Care is available at all of our practices.

OPTION 3 - Private

This option offers an EXCELLENT LEVEL of care. The fees charged allow the very best of materials and laboratory items available to be used and pay for the surgery time required to guarantee an excellent result. The costs are approximately 4-6 times that of NHS fees. If you are interested in receiving this level of care please discuss your options with your dentist as Private Care is available at all of our practices.

If you are registered as an NHS patient, you are free to select specifics treatments for which you would wish to have private treatment. Whether that be bleaching teeth, white fillings, specialist crowns, bridgework or dentures, etc. Therefore you can, to an extent, 'pick and mix' from the various levels of care depending on the treatment being undertaken.

Regardless of your choice, our practice group will always provide you with a detailed, itemised estimate on the cost of treatment after your initial examination. If your treatment requirements should change whilst undergoing treatment then we will make every effort to provide you with a revised estimate of the cost of such alterations before proceeding further - so that there will be no surprises, financial or otherwise, on completion of your treatment.

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