Vision & aims

We strive at all times to put our patients needs first recognising that patient care forms the most essential part of a successful dental practice.

We understand the need for quality of care and are highly committed to providing such patient-centred care through continual reappraisal of our standards and services and by working together as a team for the good of each of our patients.

We aim to provide a caring and relaxing atmosphere in which each patient will be pleased both to return and to recommend each one of our four practices to their friends.

We endeavour to preserve your natural teeth for life by preventing tooth decay and gum disease with a level of care suitably tailored for your individual needs.

Such preventive dentistry is central to all our dental care and we feel it is best provided by a combination of regular dental visits as well as good oral hygiene practices at home.

Queen Street Dental Centre
Northfield Dental Centre
Ythan Bridge Dental Centre
Bishopmill Dental Centre
95 Queen Street
AB42 1UA
7b Byron Square
AB16 7LL
2 Ythan Terrace
AB41 9LJ
93 Lossiemouth Road
IV30 4LJ
phone: 01779 473222
fax: 01779 473088

phone: 01224 699900
fax: 01224 699530

phone: 01343 549490
fax: 01343 554331

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